Gallery/Rants of my love for clay…

As I have explored art and different mediums, throughout all the different facets of visual expression, I stumbled onto my medium soulmate; there is something indescribable when it comes to working in clay. Throughout the entire experience, from sculpting, throwing on the wheel, slab work, or handbuilt form; I find that I am completely physically immersed in the piece and so much of that time spent physically connecting, you really become intranced in a meditative state as it’s developing from idea to reality. I have painted, worked with collage, pastel, airbrush, etc., but there are barriers between you and the object being created (unless finger painting).

Anything ceramic, and the body of work I do, is a very sensual experience where I put so much of myself into. I’ve found that clay allows me to use all of the skills that I have acquired as an artist and the possibilities are completely endless; I can create a flat surface and treat the surface as a canvas with underglaze, I am able to utilize different methods in sgraffito in the same fashion akin to printmaking, POSSIBILITIES! You are able to treat the surface in the same manor you would use in any medium, and once fired, is nearly indestructible. The only thing i would change in this medium, is it’s structural integrity, which would allow it to withstand changing different forms without supports.

I am also amazed at the spiritual parallels (Genesis 2:7 of the KJV bible) when examining the composition of clay; it is chemically very few elements away from being a human body…..It also transcends religious barriers between muslim beliefs and Christian beliefs that I find to be unifying in design when speaking of the origin of man…In exploring with a fusion of spritual and scientific wonder, clay is such a dynamic medium that has very ublimited possibilities. Malleable enough to take form of whatever you can imagine; yet strong enough to withstand the highest temperatures….It is a wonder






Please Enjoy as I update the Gallery and work to expand my picture database over the course of my lifetime.